I'm not here to wipe your arse...


T.E.B.A. Ultimate Fitness

This is our most popular class, so popular we run it usualy run it twice in one night! This is a great workout for anyone, whether you are aiming to get fit for a an important event or just trying to get back into shape - This is as close as you can get to Personal Training but without the price!

Adult Boxing

Whether you're looking to start boxing in competitions or just looking to spar, we offer training sessions to meet your needs. Coached by ex boxer Sean Heron we fill help you meet your goals.

For those who want to compete at Amateur Boxing Level, we register Boxers with Amateur Boxing Scotland.

Beginners Boxing

If you are looking to start Boxing but have no idea where to start, we offer a great introduction to Boxing for Beginners. You will learn the boxing skills to take you to the next level.

Youth Boxing

This is for ages 8 and up. The Kids Boxing class will teach Children how to harness their energy in this high tempo class.

The Edinburgh Boxing Academy.