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The Club

Do I need to book to attend a class?

No booking is required, simply turn up five minutes before class starts

Do I need to have my own gloves/wraps

We have a pool of gloves which members are free to use. We would advise you to bring your own though as our supply is limited. We can order you your very own set of gloves/wraps at reception as well.

TEBA Ultimate Fitness

I have not exercised for several years, is the class too difficult for newcomers?

Whilst TEBA Ultimate Fitness is a demanding class, people of all ages and abilities attend. The class will push your to your limits but it's important to stress that it will be your limits.

Adult Boxing

Do you register Boxers for Amateur Boxing?

We register our boxers with Amateur Boxing Scotland

Youth Boxing

What is the minimum age to attend Youth Boxing?

The minimum age for TEBA Kids boxing is eight years old

The Edinburgh Boxing Academy.