It never gets easier, you just get stronger

Personal Training

We offer the very best personal training in Edinburgh. Run by Sean Heron, former Scottish Middleweight Boxing Champion. He was trained by one of the worlds greatest coaches in history Bobby Neil, now Sean is following in his footsteps. Sean knows what it is like to train to demanding timescales and how to get motivated on those days when you feel too tired.

Using a no nonsense approach, a session with Sean can be tailored to your very own needs to suit your goals. Whether you are looking to get fit, or looking to start boxing, or whether you are in the build up to a big fight. A session with Sean will help you to reach your goals. Sean will push you to your limits and you will find out for yourself how Boxers get so fit.

Within weeks you will feel stronger, faster, leaner and full of confidence

The Edinburgh Boxing Academy.