It never gets easier, you just get stronger

TEBA Ultimate Fitness

TEBA Ultimate Fitness Boxercise Edinburgh TEBA Ultimate Fitness class is our most popular class. Due to popular demand we now run it twice a night on most nights. An allover body workout which uses the same techniques real boxers use in the lead-up to a big fight to get their conditioning in top shape in such a short period of time.

Have you ever wondered how some boxers are out of shape between fights, then within six weeks their body is ripped and their fitness through the roof? Well by doing TEBA Ultimate Fitness you will be doing the same workouts professional boxers across the world do on a daily basis. This is similar to some Boxercise classes you may have seen elsewhere but we take you further.

Using a combination of Plyometric exercises, circuit training, cardio, boxing and weights we aim to improve your fitness within days of your first session. We are pretty confident that you will not find a workout like it anywhere else. You will feel the difference.

A lot of newcomers tend to find the first two or three weeks exceptonally demanding on their body. This is because TEBA Ultimate Fitness targets parts of the body which other exercises just do not reach. It's perfectly normal to feel your body aching after a session. In fact, most find it quite satisfying.

So whether you are looking to raise your fitness levels quickly, get into shape after a period out of the gym, come on down to get a session which is as close as you'll get to a personal trainer but without the price.

The Edinburgh Boxing Academy.